Dyed in the Wool Offered by the Heard Museum

The Heard Museum of Native American Art and Culture now carries Dyed in the Wool in their book store. What an honor! The only other non-Native fiction author they carry is Tony Hillerman. If you have never visited the Heard and will be in the Phoenix area, you are in for a treat. This museum comprises many buildings with exhibits depicting early native culture, geologic time lines, examples of Native icons like the Navajo rugs, Hopi Katsinas and more. They host an annual art competition for Native children from all 50 states with Native artists serving as judges. They also lead guided trips to the surrounding areas where Anasazi cliff dwellings still exist and rock art is found in some unlikely locations. The Heard has classes, as well. The Museum itself is worth the trip. The white buildings, gracious courtyards with sculpture and fountains and leaf shaded walkways are uniquely inviting. For a sneak peek before you go, click on www.heard.org.
And, of course … go to the book store and buy a copy of Dyed in the Wool.

Happy travels. If you do go, or have been, write and tell me about your experience.