Dyed in the Wool

Dyed in the Wool is a suspense novel set in the southwest and the Navajo Nation. Environmental issues are central, as is the Navajo way of life, and weaving.

Dyed in the Wool is the culmination of a lifetime of exploration of ideas and cultures.  Having lived in Arizona, Joyce Lekas was able to infuse this work with the southwest ambiance, and her extensive conversations with  people in the area contributed a sense of the warmth and individuality of those living on and off the Rez.

Crazy for You (short story)

Crazy for You is a short story in the horror genre that follows the pas de deux of an unhappily married couple to its grisly coda. It is published in the anthology Scared Spitless, Silly Tree Anthologies, 2013.

Stay Tuned …

Watch this space of early release information about Joyce Lekas’ next novel.