Dyed in the Wool

…was supposed to go to the bottom of the pile to wait till I worked my way down.  But I sneaked a look at a few pages and was hooked:  you muscled aside Louise Erderich and Katherine Boo and Alexander McCall Smith and Sebastian Faulks.  Your narrative rings true in so many ways: Ginny and I have prowled in Navajo territory (I’m sure I’ve met John Tsose) and have read several stories that knit seamlessly with yours in local color.  I admire the way you interwove those plot complications; that took daring.

It is a good thing I had your book with me on the plane here. Read a lot of it on the first leg to Philly. Then, after a mad running mile in order to catch the second leg, we waited and waited. Finally boarded and sat for 2 hours on the tarmac waiting for the place to be de-iced. Book saved my life…. and I finished it Christmas day.. It was great fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

I just finished your book a few hours ago and I want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover. Is it possible to say cover to cover when you read from the Kindle?  I found it captivating, when I started reading I didn’t want to stop until the end.  Very imaginative, how did you keep all that wondering around in your head, do the research and still capture and weave the many lives and events in one very interesting story.  I commend you!

I learned bits and piece of flora and fauna, geology, environmental, chemistry, heritage, culture, weaving and what it may be like for kids experiencing a runaway parent.  A great novel I will recommend to my friends.  While I was reading I was thinking this could be made into a good movie.   Helene will start reading Dyed in the Wool soon.

Congratulations to you on a mighty fine piece of work!  I am not one to critique this book, what do I know about writing, other that I really enjoyed your book.


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